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User supported analysis of material flow simulation in virtual environments (BAMSI)


Simulation and visualization are well-known methods for the understanding and analyzing of manufacturing processes. In visualizations of manufacturing processes the viewer can move around freely and unguided. Thus knowledge and conclusions are only acquired on a random base. This article outlines a system and methods that support the viewer to keep an eye on noticeable/significant processes/points in the material flow simulation and to optimize these processes.

This article describes the development of a tool, which enables the viewer of a simulation to interactively improve significant production processes. The viewer moves in a virtual 3D-environment (walkthrough system) and can acquire automatically calculated indications for significant processes. At the same time the simulation should simulate significant objects in a more detailed way. If the viewer is interested in a significant process, he is automatically guided to the relevant place where he can examine the critical situation by interference in the simulation. Since the critical moment is in the past and is thus already missed by the viewer, the viewer is able to rollback the simulation to a time before he entered the simulation.

The project is founded by the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG).


Research Group Meyer auf der Heide

  • Matthias Fischer, Michael Kortenjan

Research Group Dangelmaier

  • Bengt Mueck, Christoph Laroque, Kiran Mahajan, Daniel Huber
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